Sunday, February 28, 2010

Deal: Chips Ahoy!

Every first Monday of the month in 2010, starting tomorrow (March 1st), go to Facebook.com/NabiscoCookies to download a coupon for Free Nabisco Cookies when you purchase one package of cookies and 1 gallon of milk. There is a 500,000 coupon maximum, so if you want to get your coupon, try to do it early in the day!

Deal/Motherhood: Pampers Gifts To Grow

Here is my fun little deal for the day:

If you currently have a child in Pampers Diapers and enter Gifts To Grow points, here is your opportunity to get 60 points for FREE!

Here are two codes with 30 points each:


Motherhood: Kendra

I thought I better fill you in on my life a little. A brief overview of what my days are like. I am a 19-year-old unwed mother, but it honestly isn't as hard as that sounds. I have a very supporting boyfriend, who is the father of my wonderful daughter Kendra. Kendra is the love of my life, and the focus of my days. She is my world, my everything and now that she has entered this world, I cannot imagine my life without her (I am sure all other mothers out there can relate to this feeling). She is a smiley, energetic 3-month-old that has a love for Mommy, Daddy and Yo Gabba Gabba that is unbelievable. She rolls over during tummy time, she smiles when you say her name and she loves to be the center of attention. Kendra is my motivation to do all that I do in life. I am currently a full-time online college student, I want to get a good education so that she is able to have the things she wants and needs in life. Looking in her eyes when I feel that I cannot accomplish my work is all the motivation I need to find a way to get it done. Kendra is my world, so naturally she will be a part of my blog. I hope you like babies!

Beyond: Blogging

I have decided to attempt this blog thing. Recently I have been exploring more blogs and have discovered I am rather fond of them. I catch myself checking some religiously, it is as if I cannot turn on my computer without going to their blog. It's like a drug, a horrible addiction that I do not want to quit. I decided it might be fun to make a blog of my own, but I ran into this horrible problem, what kind of blog do I want? I love coupon/deal/money saving blogs, but am I really able to make my page relevant enough to compete with the blogs like that which already exist? I could blog about my beautiful 3 month old daughter, but at only 3 months old how much can I really write? It would not be extremely thrilling. I could blog about me and my daily life, but I don't think I have a big enough ego to write about me all day, well at least not yet.

So, for right now, the focus of my blog will be a little bit of this and a little bit of that. My Daughter, Myself, Deals and anything else I happen to come across (the beyond).

The chapters I am currently entering in my life will certain be an adventure and I hope you enjoy reading about it.